310987_2090087693650_1288966020_31890850_144153806_napote’ :  Interior & Environmental Design Logic that consciously incorporates the 5 elements of life.

The things that matter in our physical world should be well chosen, well placed and well maintained. Entreasured possessions should be an integral component that supports one’s daily well being. If not contributing to joyful order and comfort, retained personal possessions should be inventoried and stored from visible sight.

The element of water represents the cycle of good health and is our most precious and life-giving resource. 

 Like the essential elements, fire sustains life as a source of energy. By acknowledging water and fire’s significance in our apote’ we also acknowledge its’ importance on Earth, thus a balanced apote’ begins to exists.

THE 5th Element:

apote’ is a springboard of ancient philosophy, but takes it a step further to include light as a basic element of life. Ancient philosophy, science and history acknowledged air, water, fire and earth as the four elements. By acknowledging the fifth element and allowing light to freely enter and flow throughout our apote’, we strengthen our bound with life sustaining energy.


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